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Photo copyright Michael Lubchenko

Spring is the season of impatient expectation while summer brings all we’d been longing for. Although Autumn may stir up bittersweet nostalgia, it also holds a queue of festivities that soften our journey to year’s end. The sweet distraction of … Continue reading

Downy Woodpecker

Photo copyright Lauretta Jones

We are fortunate in Somers to live surrounded by the natural world while also enjoying the benefits of human-made artifacts and conveniences. The slivers of woods woven between our homes cannot hold the richness of larger tracts of open space; … Continue reading

Animal Bones

Photo copyright Mike Lubchenko

Venture into your backyard or onto the trails of Angle Fly and you will undoubtedly notice evidence of one of nature’s most important processes: the recycling of organic material into simpler forms of matter. This process provides an answer to … Continue reading


Photo copyright Lauretta Jones

At a casual glance, it seems that there is not much color in the Somers winter landscape. Once the last brilliant autumn leaf has fallen, nature’s palette consists primarily of subtle variations of gray, brown, and black. But a keen … Continue reading

Blue Jays

Photo copyright Mike Lubchenko

If it were not commonplace to see feisty Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata) squabbling and scrapping in our parks and back yards, how exotic and beautiful they would seem. Their plumage exhibits two rich tones of blue accented by black and … Continue reading

Praying Mantis

Photo copyright Lauretta Jones

There are all sorts of hikers. Among them are the athletic types, barely distinguishable from cross-country runners, and the social types, who stroll while enjoying hearty discussions about subjects unrelated to the surrounding nature. Then there is me, the laggard: … Continue reading

Fall Leaf Colors

Illustration copyright Lauretta Jones

My friend Christine asked an interesting question recently: Why are autumn leaves so colorful one year, yet drab the next? Weather plays a role in the answer and so does the length of days. And the story is different for … Continue reading

British Soldiers

Photo copyright Lauretta Jones.

When I was young, I spent time with my aunt in a rural area of Ohio. One weekend, in a corner of the pasture at a nearby Amish farm, my aunt suddenly dropped to her knees, exclaiming, “Look at these. … Continue reading

Poison Ivy

Photo copyright Lauretta Jones

Before you read any further, look at this photo. Do you recognize the plant? Nice fall-reddened leaves growing from a tree? Perhaps you’ve seen something similar and thought–as I have–what nice colors, I’ll take a few to decorate my table… … Continue reading

Yellow Bear Caterpillars

Photo copyright Mike Lubchenko

Many of us grew up with the story claiming Wooly Bear caterpillars could predict the upcoming winter by the size of their black and red-brown sections. That’s a comforting bit of folklore, but I wouldn’t make any plans based on … Continue reading