Restoration Projects

Native habitat restoration is a key land management goal as we work toward restoring the natural beauty of Angle Fly Preserve. The initial focus of our restoration efforts is the “Reynold’s Pond Native Habitat Restoration Project.

Reynolds Pond is located just inside the Preserve’s main entrance and is a scenic focal point as visitors enter the preserve. Thanks to generous support from the Somers Land Trust’s sponsors, we are well on our way to rehabilitating this scenic area. A long term plan has been developed which includes the planting of native plants, pond rehabilitation, and a wheelchair accessible trail. A preliminary schematic plan from our sponsor Eberlin and Eberlin, P.C. is available here. More information about this ongoing project can be found in this information sheet.

We are also focusing on preserving both specimen trees and trees that are native to the northeast United States. Toward this goal, the Somers Land Trust has worked with regional foresters and agencies to develop a Live Tree Management Strategy. As part of this preservation effort, selected invasive trees will be cut to promote the growth of the most desirable native and specimen trees.

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