Management Plans

A number of management plans have been developed to provide policies that guide future use of the natural areas within Angle Fly Preserve.  Electronic copies of these plans are available in PDF format via the links provided below.

Overall Angle Fly Preserve Management Plan

The overall Angle Fly Preserve management plan was prepared for the Town of Somers through the collaborative efforts of the Westchester Land Trust, Somers Land Trust, and Teatown Lake Reservation.  The plan was also supported in part through a grant provided by the Department of Environmental Conservation of the State of New York and administered through the Land Trust Alliance of New York.  Its purpose is to establish policies that will guide future use of the natural areas of the Angle Fly Preserve and ensure that the purposes for which the property was purchased become the guiding principles under which it is managed.  The Angle Fly Preserve Management Plan document can accessed by clicking here.

Live Tree Management Strategy

A priority at Angle Fly Preserve is the preservation of both specimen trees and trees that are native to the northeast United States. Toward this goal, the Somers Land Trust has worked with regional foresters and agencies to develop a Live Tree Management Strategy. As part of this preservation effort, selected invasive trees will be cut to promote the growth of the most desirable native and specimen trees.  The Live Tree Management Strategy document can be accessed by clicking here.

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