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One of the major volunteer projects at the Angle Fly Preserve has been the design and construction of a network of walking trails. The first trail was completed in the fall of 2009 and was opened to the public during the Angle Fly Preserve grand opening on October 3, 2009. Since then, an army of community volunteers has continued to expand and maintain the trail network which now includes more than 10 miles of paths spanning all areas of Angle Fly Preserve.

If you are interested in contributing your time to help with trail maintenance and improvement, please sign up to become a Friend of Angle Fly Preserve. We announce opportunities to contribute to this ongoing effort through the Friends mailing list.

Trail Map

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The trail network at Angle Fly Preserve extends roughly 10 miles and spans the entire Preserve property.  Its many interconnecting trails stretch from Reis Park in the north to Route 35 in the south.  Loop hikes of various lengths and difficulty can be created from the main trailhead parking area which is accessible from Primrose Street (Route 139).

To download a copy of the trail map for printing, please click here.

Trail Descriptions

Detailed trail routes and lengths are provided on the trail map described above.   Additional information for a select number of trails can be found in the table below.

Trail Length Difficulty Description
Reynolds Pond Trail 200 Feet Easy, Handicapped Accessible Trail head/ends:
Main entrance of Angle Fly Preserve, Route 139.Provides access to the Reynolds Pond and Native Habitat Restoration Area. Packed cinder surface.
Yellow Trail Loop 1.2 miles completed (1.4 miles planned) Easy Trail head/ends:
1) Main parking lot at top of Reynolds Run (main blacktop road from Angle Fly main entrance on Rt 139);
2) Along Reynolds Run just before it begins its ascent up the hill to the parking lot.This trail provides access to the central portion of the property. From parking lot, trail gently descends to confluence of the Angle Fly Brook with a tributary. It levels out and turns to generally follow the Angle Fly Brook. Midway it intersects the yet-to-be constructed Red Trail where a volunteer-built 40-foot long bridge now beckons. The Yellow Trail continues through old fields, now grown up with young trees, and wet areas of seeps and spring brooks, ending up on the main blacktop road a short walk down the hill from the parking lot.
Blue Trail 1.2 miles completed (3.5 miles planned) Moderate Trail head/ends:
1) Behind the southeast corner of the tennis courts in Reis Park, Somers Town Park on Rt. 139;
2) Angle Fly main entrance on Rt. 139;
3) Midway along Reynolds Run (main blacktop road from Angle Fly main entrance)The most diverse trail in the system, eventually the Blue Trail will be the longest trail in the Angle Fly System, working its way through the entire Preserve. Starting in Reis Park, the currently completed section initially leads through old fields in the eastern portion of Angle Fly Preserve (on the east side of Rt 139, and contiguous with Reis Park.) Bending back into young woods over exposed boulders, the trail then dips down to cross Plumbrook Road. It skirts along Plumbrook for a short distance (take caution as there are several blind turns on the road), and re-enters the woods at a curve in the road, just past a lone house. Here the trail turns again, follows an old farm road for a short distance before turning once again into the woods. It exits the woods and follows a stone wall along an old farm field, enters the woods once again, and eventually crosses Rt. 139 into the main part of Angle Fly Preserve. Please exercise caution crossing the road. Once inside the main part of the preserve, the Blue Trail offers a pleasant stroll in meadows along either side of the main preserve road.
Green Trail Loop 1.2 miles Moderate Trail head/ends:
Branches off the Blue Trail at the corner of an old farm field in the eastern portion of Angle Fly Preserve, looping back to the Orange Trail.Provides access to the southeast portion of Angle Fly Preserve. From the Blue Trail, follows a stone wall along the eastern boundary of the Angle Fly Preserve, descending into shrubby fields. It loops around a constructed pond and back up to the ridge where it meets up with the Orange Trail.
Orange Trail Less than 1 mile More Difficult Trail head/ends:
Connects the Blue and Green Trails on the southeastern portion of the Angle Fly Preserve.  Starting at the Blue Trail, the Orange Trail winds its way through shrubby forestland (good birding for those who move quietly and carry binoculars), then turns and makes a medium-steep ascent up the ridge to meet the Green Trail.

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