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Becoming a member is one of the most effective ways to support the Somers Land Trust. We rely on the active participation of our members to satisfy our mission. Beyond the financial support that we derive from annual membership dues, members can help shape the SLT’s overall direction as voting participants at Somers Land Trust general meetings. You’ll also be signed up for our Friends of Angle Fly mailing list so we can keep you up to date about events and volunteer opportunities. Moreover, the SLT is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making your generous contribution tax deductible.  We hope you’ll join us today!

We offer several levels of membership: Patron, Sponsor, Supporting, and Student/Senior. Members are invited to join at whatever level best meets their needs. Dues can be paid as once per year (running annually from the month that they begin) or through small automatic monthly contributions through our Sustaining Membership Program. In addition, Steward and Preservationist support levels are available for larger gifts and come with lifetime membership in the Somers Land Trust.

Thank you for your support!

Application Instructions

To join the Somers Land Trust via our online membership system, simply choose one of the membership options below and click the “Donate” button. Dues can be paid via either credit card or a bank account through PayPal. For those that prefer to join by postal mail, please download our membership application and mail the completed form (along with a check for your dues payment) to the address shown on the top of the application.

If you have any questions about joining the Somers Land Trust that are not addressed on this page, we encourage you to contact us by sending e-mail to

Membership Types

Sustaining Membership Levels

Sustaining Memberships
Sustaining members make automatic monthly contributions via a credit card or a bank account via PayPal. You can choose a donation level and have the corresponding dues charged automatically every month. The monthly contributions will continue until you request that they stop. You can stop your sustaining membership at any time.

Annual Membership Levels

Annual Memberships
Annual members pay dues once per year. These memberships run annually from the month that they begin. You can choose one of several donation levels and charge the corresponding dues to credit card or bank account via PayPal.

Lifetime Membership Levels
Steward – $500

Preservationist – $1,000 or more

Lifetime Memberships
The Steward and Preservationist membership levels recognize our most generous supporters. Steward level gifts of $500 and Preservationist level gifts of $1000 or more are given lifetime membership in the Somers Land Trust. Donations at these lifetime levels can be made via the buttons below.

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