Dates Announced for 2011 Deer Hunting Season Proficiency Tests and Orientation Meeting

With the Fall 2011 Deer Hunting season quickly approaching, proficiency tests at Angle Fly Preserve have now been scheduled.

Bow hunters wishing to participate in this season’s hunt must pass a proficiency test conducted at Angle Fly Preserve and follow all applicable hunting regulations. In addition, all hunters must attend the Fall 2011 mandatory orientation meeting prior to the start of the season.

Scheduled proficiency test dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday 8/10/11, 2pm-7pm at main entrance to Angle Fly Preserve
  • Thursday 8/11/11, 2pm-7pm at main entrance to Angle Fly Preserve

If necessary, additional rounds of proficiency tests may be held the following week on Wednesday (8/17/11) and Thursday (8/18/11). Additional dates will be scheduled only as needed so please contact Hunting Coordinator Bob Mendoza (see below for Bob’s phone number) for up-to-date information about these additional dates. Bob will work with hunters to accommodate (within reason) those who have conflicts with the above dates.

The mandatory orientation session is tentatively scheduled for:

  • Thursday 9/15/11, 7pm at Somers High School.

If you have any questions about hunting season in the Angle Fly Preserve, please call our Hunting Coordinator Bob Mendoza at 914-830-6817.

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