Eastern Box Turtle

Photo copyright Pat MacGregor

Emerging from hibernation in the the leaf litter in early spring, this Eastern Box Turtle (scientific name: Terrapene carolina) is native to Somers and the surrounding areas. It is one of the reptiles most often seen at the Angle Fly Preserve. Males have red eyes while the female’s eyes are yellow or brown. These turtles live in many habitats, but are most often found in moist, forested areas. Omnivorous, they love to eat slugs as well as wild berries and mushrooms. Box turtles can even eat mushrooms that are poisonous to humans. They pull inside their shell (carapace) and close it up tightly to keep out predators. Box turtles are slow-growing, long-lived and slow to reproduce, so if you see one of these handsome creatures, admire it but please let it be. Turtles have strong homing instincts and will try to find their way back to their home territory. It is illegal to possess a native turtle without a state license.

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