Semiannual SLT Accomplishments Report Now Available

Somers Land Trust Accomplishments
November 2010 – April 2011

The Somers Land Trust (SLT) reports its major accomplishments twice every year.  These semiannual reports help raise awareness within our membership and the public at large about the broad range of activities taking place within the organization.  This report details SLT accomplishments for the six month period between November 2010 and April 2011.

When reviewing these accomplishments, it is important to note that the SLT is a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff.  Every accomplishment listed here was achieved possible thanks to the dedicated volunteers who donate time and energy to our cause.  The SLT thanks all of you who serve as volunteers.

Not yet a volunteer?  Would you like to become more involved?  Please send email to to learn more about how you can help.

Trail Building

  • Planned and built Angle Fly Brook 40 foot single span truss bridge (174 volunteers participated in the bridge building)
  • Planned, built and blazed the following trails:
    • 1/3 miles Yellow Trail extension
    • 1/4 mile Blue Trail from bridge to ATT Right of Way
    • 1/2 mile section of the White Trail
  • Planned and flagged all trails on DEP property
  • Created preliminary AFP Trail Map
  • An Eagle Scout candidate will be building large kiosks at AFP at the main entrance and the parking area
  • Completed the “Individual Volunteer Log Sheets” from 2009 through April 2011 for the Trail Grant (232 volunteers contributed over 2100 hours of time)
  • Composting toilet research completed, RFP completed, bid submitted to Town Board for approval

Wildlife Management

  • Conducted a successful deer hunting season with 15 deer taken
  • Hunter debriefing meeting conducted
  • Spring 2011 turkey hunting season planned (season will start Mau 1 to May 30)\

Vegetation Management

  • Received partial funding from the Somers Parks and Recreation Board for solar aeration equipment
  • An Eagle Scout candidate completed his rain barrel installation for the Reynolds Pond area
  • The SLT is working with the Town Planner to develop a show case storm water control system using rain gardens in the Reynolds Pond Restoration Area
  • An Eagle Scout candidate plans to build a rain garden at AFP
  • ELLA Riparian stream project has been planned, May 2011 planting scheduled


  • Received a $5000 NYS Conservation Partnership Program grant
  • Received a $2000  ELLA Riparian stream planting grant
  • Applied for a $5000 grant from the National Environmental Education Foundation (expected response in May)

Operations and Administration

  • The SLT website was revised and expanded
  • A GAAP-compliant financial management process was developed
  • Obtained DEP access permit and working on the trail building permit
  • Obtained DEC stream disturbance permit for Angle Fly Brook bridge building project
  • Developed the SLT policy for “SLT Safety Practice Including NYC DEP Requirements”

Outreach Activities

  • Somers Land Trust Annual Meeting was held in January 2011
  • Presented project and activity update to Town Board
  • Presented at the Somers Energy Expo
  • Presented at a Somers Chamber of Commerce meeting
  • Presented at a BPCA meeting

Meetings, Conferences and Education Programs Attended By SLT Board

  • Michael Barnhart and Bob MacGregor completed sawyer certification offered by the NYNJ Trails Conference
  • Lauretta Jones attended “Best Practices for Managing Your Organization’s Finances” offered by the Center for Nonprofit Success
  • Bob and Pat MacGregor attended the “Native Plant Center, Spring Landscape Conference” at Westchester Community College
  • Michael Barnhart and Bob MacGregor attended the NYNJ Trail Conference East of the Hudson Region Meeting
  • Michael Barnhart attended CPR/blood borne pathogen certification through the NYNJ Trails Conference
  • Gail Simpson and Bob MacGregor participated in a LTA conference call

Historical Outreach

  • A presentation was created on the history of the Angle Fly Preserve pre-contact period through present day (presented at the SLT Annual Meeting)





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