Spring Turkey Season Starts Sunday May 1st

The Spring Turkey Season begins on Sunday, May 1st and runs through Tuesday, May 31st.  The hunting hours are one half-hour before sunrise to noon.  All hunters must pass a proficiency test conducted at Angle Fly Preserve and follow all applicable hunting regulations.

Angle Fly Preserve patrons should exercise caution during the turkey season hours of hunting. Don’t make turkey or animal sounds. Our hunters will be in camouflaged ground blinds, off the main trails. Park patrons should stay on the main trails during the turkey season, and not wander or explore during the turkey season hours of hunting.
Successful turkey hunters sit and call the birds in. Therefore, hunters should not try to stalk turkeys. Our hunters are aware of this and will follow our established rules and regulations within the Preserve.

In the spring a hunter may take two bearded turkeys, one turkey per day.  Typically, hunters are more successful in the spring because the birds are easier to call in. Only bearded wild turkeys may be taken during the spring season. This regulation helps protect female turkeys during the nesting period. Yes, some hens do have beards, but they represent only 3%-6% of the female population.

If you have questions about hunting season in the Angle Fly Preserve, please call our Hunting Coordinator, Bob Mendoza at 914-830-6817.

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