2010 Wildlife Management Program Report

January 30, 2011

To: Bob MacGregor – Chairman Projects Committee
Cc: Somers Land Trust Board – Angle Fly Preserve
From: Bob Mendoza – Hunting Coordinator
Re: Wild Life Management Program

l am happy to report the Wild Life Management Program at Angle Fly Preserve was a success for its first year. The hunters in our program successfully harvested 15 deer – 13 doe and 2 bucks. The majority of the doe harvested were mature breeders. The bucks were small, a 6 pointer and a spike buck. All in all, l am pleased with how the program ran. All hunters who participated, followed the guidelines set forth without exception. lt is also worth mentioning we had no complaints from Angle Fly Preserve patrons, adjacent homeowners, no demonstrations or phone calls to town officials, and a stellar safety record.

To review we qualified 151 hunters through an archery proficiency test. Of those 151 qualified – 110 attended our orientation night or received the orientation at a later date. The remaining 41 who qualified could not participate because they never received the orientation, nor contacted us to schedule one.

Our harvest dates ranged from opening day, October l6th, 2010 through December 28th, 2010. The program maintained a “Core Group” of hunters through these dates. Our “Core Group” number was 26, who participated throughout the season. They recorded 495 hours of hunting without a harvest. Of those 26 hunters we had 12 hunters who were successful and had multiple harvests. They recorded 72 hours of hunting. We also had a group of one time hunters who totaled 8 and had 44 hours of hunting. Therefore, a total of 34 hunters logged 611 hunting hours.

We also had a Spring and Fall Turkey hunt at Angle Fly. Most of the hunters who participated used these seasons to pre-scout for the deer season. We had 8 hunters participate and logged 46 hours without a harvest. Hunting turkey with a bow is extremely hard and I am not surprised that a turkey was not harvested.

The deer herd is still very strong at Angle Fly. We had significant sightings of doe and bucks through out the season. ln my opinion it will take some years before we see a controlled herd. The most significant surprise was the sighting of 2 Bald Eagles nesting in the upper pines where Angle Fly meets the DEP border. We also had a Bob Cat sighting on the Plum Brook side and one Wood Turtle sighting. Surprisingly, only 2 Coyotes were sighted through out the season. I am not sure what to make of that; there is certainly enough sign at Angle Fly as to their presence.

We used 3 Deer Management Assistance Permits and filed our report with the DEC. I spoke with Kevin Clarke from Region3/DEC and we will begin the process to create a hunting survey to determine hunters likes and dislikes who participate in Wildlife Management Programs like ours. lt is my hope that this survey – may give us insight to increase participation and a more successful harvest. Even though we only used 3 DMAP permits, Kevin does not anticipate a problem for next years application.

To conclude, our first hunting season at Angle Fly Presenve ran smoothly. This is credited to the exceptional “Core Group” of hunters. Through their participation and strict adherence to our guidelines the program was successful and safe. lt will be my goal for the upcoming season to ensure the return of these 26 hunters. Not to mention, increase participation, but not at the risk of tarnishing our safety record or image in our community.

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