The Somers Land Trust (SLT) is a non-profit organization committed to preserving open space in the town of Somers, NY. The SLT and its dedicated members work to protect the natural landscape of our town through stewardship and advocacy activities.

We encourage you to learn more about our mission and invite you to join the Somers Land Trust by becoming a member. We also welcome anyone interested in volunteering to become a Friend of the Angle Fly Preserve. Becoming a Friend is free and open to all who want to lend a hand.  Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

Our Accomplishments in 2014

ACCOMPLISHMENT SUMMARY 2014 continued as another good year for the Somers Land Trust and the continued development of the Angle Fly Preserve. Trail maintenance continues as a major focus because of the significant increase in invasive plant growth. Our two … Continue reading

Somers Wetlands – Beaver and Humans

The environmental landscape along Primrose Street (route 139) in Somers is a significant area of biodiversity that was saved when the Angle Fly Preserve was acquired for open space.   Recently the State DOT and Town of Somers, after receiving local … Continue reading


Pat MacGregor has begun our Angle Fly Preserve native plant propagation project.  She has nearly 200 plants ready to place around the pond as you enter the preserve.  WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOUR HELP.  DO YOU HAVE ANY PLASTIC POTS YOU … Continue reading

Deer Exclosure at Angle Fly Preserve

The deer exclosure under construction. Note the barrenness of the understory and the forest floor.  Photo copyright Lauretta Jones.

There was a time, long ago and 500 miles away, when I saw marvelous things in the woods: countless small trees rushing up to meet their taller kinfolk, shrubs sheltering invisible twittering birds, blankets of bright wildflowers changing through the … Continue reading

Monarch Butterflys

Photo copyright Lauretta Jones

Ten miles of trails have been cut through Angle Fly Preserve by the irrepressible volunteers of the Somers Land Trust and Friends of Angle Fly. The trails are well-blazed with maps posted at kiosks. The oldest trails feature well-trod footbeds … Continue reading

What Middle Schoolers Want to Know: “What poisonous plants should I be aware of in Westchester?”

Poison plants copyright L Jones

Jimmy, a sixth grader in Mrs. Antonnucci’s class at Somers Middle School asked: “What poisonous plants should I be aware of in Westchester?” This is an important question because some plants should not be eaten while others should not even … Continue reading

What Middle Schoolers Want To Know: “What kinds of birds are in Somers?”

Image from top left, clockwise: Great Blue Heron, nest with eggs, Downy Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker, Oven Bird, Wild Turkey, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

This is the second column inspired by questions from Mrs. Antonucci’s 6th grade class at Somers Middle School. This week I will attempt to do justice to Laura’s question, “What kinds of birds are in Somers?” There are many ways … Continue reading

What Middle Schoolers Want to Know: “What birds eat the thistle seed?”

Photo copyright MDF, Wikipedia Commons

Nature is a rich and generous educator. Simply walking though the woods, into a meadow or along a stream stimulates the curious mind. Simple questions arise that lead to knowledge, insight and ever-deeper questions. On the same walk, one can … Continue reading

Red Fox

Red Fox

Of the classes of animals with which we share the earth, perhaps most easily noticed are the colorful, feathery descendants of dinosaurs as they fly through our fields and forests and alight on our backyard feeders. Next in our awareness … Continue reading

Wild Geraniums

Photo copyright Eric in SF, from Wikipedia

At the very moment we are supporting our schools and churches by picking up red, pink or white geraniums at their Mother’s Day plant sales, a more quiet celebration is happening along the wooded paths in Angle Fly Preserve. There … Continue reading